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It’s official! Check out the first announcement for Goodwin Group’s newest venture: Brick West Beer:



“You got your gun?” she giggled. My friend was mostly joking, but twenty years ago, it wouldn’t have been a laughing matter to wander through the West End of Spokane at night.

We were heading to Andy’s, one of Spokane’s most Cheers-esque watering holes. (They may not know yours but they surely know my name) Going to Andy’s means navigating dark (very dark) streets and an endless maze of construction projects, through a part of town that the Spokesman-Review once deemed a “headquarters to vagrants and pigeons.”

Let’s go way back to the economic panic of 1893. This era crumbled the fortunes of once-unstoppable families such as Glover, Browne, and Cannon. At that time, as the city rebuilt and recovered, a rush of mining and railroad men established their fortunes—hard. Before 1910, Spokane was rumored to have 26 millionaires. As the affluent neighborhoods of the South Hill and Browne’s Addition sprang up, the newly-established auto industry took its hold on the slice of property between the two, the area aptly titled “The West End”. Suddenly the promotional slogan “All Roads Lead to Spokane” began to make sense…”



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