Volstead Act Spokane Bar

pre-prohibition craft cocktails

Inspired by the speakeasies and history of the 20s prohibition era, The Volstead Act brings back a piece of history to Spokane, WA through their hand-crafted libations and cocktails.

The Volstead Act takes pride in the craft and art of cocktail making; the presentation is just as dramatic as the drink itself. The menu and contemporary decor offer a modern take on the bygone era and creates a unique experience while tipping our hat to the past.

The Volstead Act uses fresh-squeezed fruit juices, herbs, garnishes, unusual liqueurs, syrups and bitters to create our cocktails.

(509) 808-2516
  • Sunday: 5pm – 2am
  • Monday: 3pm – 2am
  • Tuesday: 3pm – 2am
  • Wednesday: 3pm – 2am
  • Thursday: 3pm – 2am
  • Friday: 3pm – 2am
  • Saturday: 3pm – 2am